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Song: The Way Home

The Threshold Of Omniscience

Album: The Threshold Of Omniscience
Track: #4

Listen! The Way Home (Acoustic) - Live at Cristina's Cafe
Recorded: March 14, 2010
Length: 3:47
Instrumentation: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

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The sun comes out and the sound turns on
It's simpler than nothing that way
No light completely hides its dawn
And lately that kills me to say

The young come out and the crowds move on
Salute this the summit of days
It's not that what we had was gone
It scattered all over this place

Come lay down
And rest for a while
Talk to me
Teach me to find

The way home

Abrupt descent toward apathy
Where nothing would stand in your way
You'll never arrive there happily
But always be happy to stay

Find the place called harmony
Cause that's where your forever waits
The trick is the path there is probably
The road you've been building for fate

Come lay down
And rest for a while
Talk to me
But don't make me find

The way home