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Song: Bedroom Of The Sun


Album: Triad
Track: #9

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When you dig you learn things
Sometimes terrible things
Dug up a graveyard and there I found
Sometimes digging leaves me
Somewhat paraplegic
The hole becomes me and I become the ground

So I'm digging deeper
Mound's becoming steeper
Doesn't faze me I go on into the world
Time I metamorphose
Me and time my age shows
I'd go crazy but I'm already interred

I'm becoming smaller now
Can't outgrow perspective's brow
But the length of my reach grows
Signals call me to slow down
Tuned back in to fm now
I'd accept eternal woes
But I decide

Sleeping in my own bed
Thoughts go through my own head
Looking round me I see I'm outside the walls
I can't move my left arm
Is this cause for alarm
I am breathing cause my chest will rise and fall

I now count my brothers
We look for the others
There are nine but over there is only one
Have we just been sleeping
Who has just been creeping
All around us in the bedroom of the sun

Even bridges made of stone
Melt and find a newer home
Burn it now or step aside
Death flows like a river flows
Here comes time and there it goes
Like a moon inflicted tide
Will you please read
This side of me