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Song: Born

Two Sides Of The Same Soul

Album: Two Sides Of The Same Soul
Track: #11

Listen! Born (Acoustic) - Live at Lost River Brewing Co.
Recorded: March 12, 2010
Length: 3:59
Instrumentation: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

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You and I born, caterpillars
Innocent life
A waltz around our garden some days

Nothing more, but our wishes
In this life
To go beyond this garden some day

Just one less caterpillar
In this life
That butterflied away today

Your selfish metamorphosis is
Innocent life
No one believes the words you say

Abandoning the truth you'd known
The one we sang together on some days
You'd like to say the truth has flown
The things we used to know are gone away
Gone away

You and I born, caterpillars
You and I die butterflies