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Song: Other Than Me

Two Sides Of The Same Soul

Album: Two Sides Of The Same Soul
Track: #8

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Who are we when we die
Where do we go
Echo in peoples' minds
Who don't even know

Who I was
Beyond what I did

But who am I today
Cause I'm still alive
And I can gladly say
I'm proud of that life

That I lived
A long time ago

Yeah I stopped being me
It was too much pain
And I could finally see
I was kind of great

A forest
Of only one tree

I outlived myself
So I could like my life
Look back on my wealth
Know what it's like

To be you
Remembering me

But you still don't even know who I am
My memory just fades away again
I just hold on alone
Cause I want to think I meant something to someone other than me
Someone other than me