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Album: Unfortunately Nihilistic

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Unfortunately Nihilistic

Album Title: Unfortunately Nihilistic
Completed: March 5, 2017

This is a collection of songs capturing my, unsurprisingly, darker, more nihilistic lyrics. They run the gamut of where the nihilism is targeted, but it's generally me questioning the validity of my life. How exciting right?

Track List:

  1. Listen! The Message Of Your Arrival
  2. Listen! Today
  3. Listen! The Rain
  4. Listen! What I Called You
  5. Listen! Expectations
  6. Listen! Love Is Stupid
  7. Listen! Trying To Tell
  8. Listen! Don't Make Me
  9. Listen! I Was Only Being Me
  10. Listen! The Bottom
  11. Listen! Gone
  12. Listen! The Tale Of The Acorn