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Song: The Bottom

Unfortunately Nihilistic

Album: Unfortunately Nihilistic
Track: #10

Listen! The Bottom FAWM Demo
Recorded: February 8, 2017
Length: 3:19
Instrumentation: Acoustic baritone guitar, vocals

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I'm at the bottom
Of the notion that I make
The worst people
Come out of their shell

I'm in the autumn
Of the ocean of my days
Toward peaceful
Commandment I shall ride

I probably oughta
Find out for sure
The people
Who make me OK

But down at the bottom
The world make no sense
It's peaceful
But I can't encapsulate it

I'm at the bottom
Of the ocean that I made
I'm needful
I just want to breathe the air

Kicking and screaming
With no one to hear
The surface is bubbling
Taking my breath away

I probably oughta
Look to be sure
Through the peephole
To the world I evaded

I think far from the bottom
The world makes some sense
It's peaceful
But I'm not encapsulated

I'm out of the world, tossed like the silly notion
That everyone means something
The ones who get away without drowning in their ocean
Will believe I'm the monster hiding under their dreams