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Song: The Bird


Album: Unnatural
Track: #5

Listen! "The Bird" Lo-Fi Album Cut
Recorded: July 9, 2005
Length: 2:47
Instrumentation: Baritone Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Listen! "The Bird" Lo-Fi Live October 21, 2005
Recorded: October 21, 2005
Length: 2:36
Instrumentation: Baritone Guitar, Vocals

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Went down to the road
Saw a whistling jay
Guess he heard me groan
And he flew away

Followed a while
Walked at least a mile
Not unusual
But my thoughts were riled

Are there birds on the moon like this one?
May I go there please?

I veered off the road
In a field of hay
Over to my left
Was my whistling jay

So I sang him a song
Bout the laws of gravity
He didn't wait too long
Before he flew away

Can they fly round the sun like this one?
The little tease ...

Can I keep these wings?