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Song: The Fly


Album: Unnatural
Track: #2

Listen! "The Fly" Lo-Fi Album Cut
Recorded: July 9, 2005
Length: 3:59
Instrumentation: Acoustic Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals

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I fell out of the sky
Into a cave
Wonder is it a safe haven
Or my grave?
Thousands of little shards
Represent my life
And now there's only dark
What happened to the light?

I flew into the night
Nowhere to go
Funny how this separation
Won't seem to slow
Don't mind me I'll be along now
Give me a break I lost my destination
Where's my world I think I'm in the wrong town
Fear's not now my imagination

And the lost becomes the hunted prey
Soon to be I realize
I am torn between submission and escape
Cause even if I live I'm gonna die

How can such a painful sting
Soothe my mind?
Suddenly the scary story
Starts to unwind
It wasn't really true I wasn't really there
Here I am the gentle separation
Either I'm safe or I no longer care
Fear's not now my imagination

I just pray that I'm no longer lost
Please take me upon high
I'll exercise the freedom I'll find when I'm aloft
To wave my world goodbye