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Song: The Snake


Album: Unnatural
Track: #7

Listen! "The Snake" Lo-Fi Album Cut
Recorded: July 9, 2005
Length: 3:45
Instrumentation: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals

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Walking through forever I got lost in the forest deep
Pondering which secrets I could keep
Mesmerized by unfamiliarity
And the harvest that it reaps

Don't follow the shore

One thing about the strange is it starts the understood
What you can't might become what you could
Escaping from disparity
They say it might draw blood

I wasn't quite sure

Some giant snake tried to swallow me whole
But I kicked and struggled I'm no fool
But if I should fall this snake needs to know
My prison of thought's not his food !

As the pain spread to my leg I kept my hope alive
One thing he really needed was time
He'd swallowed my whole body
And I still clung to my life

I'm sorry for sure

Finally his fangs stabbed square into my head
In my final words I said
I realized I should be scared
Just before I knew I was dead

I followed the shore

The snake ate my conscience, the snake ate my soul
Swallowed both of them whole
Either they were illusions that I thought were there
Or I am this snake evermore
Or I am this snake evermore
Or I am this snake evermore

So who am I talking to?