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Song: The Spider


Album: Unnatural
Track: #3

Listen! "The Spider" Lo-Fi Album Cut
Recorded: July 9, 2005
Length: 4:46
Instrumentation: Baritone Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Forrest Loomis came up with this bass riff (which remains virtually unchanged) in early 2005, and, as we were jamming regularly developing "The Abortion Prophecies," my creative juices easily brought this song to life from the riff.

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In the land of doom I came to
I was breathless
Ice and stone filled my lungs
Slippery deception graced my tongue

As my head brimmed with violence
Ten lonely days of silence

And the spider spins his web

Creepy crawly doom
Fear and release had filled my room
"Let me go," I finally squeaked
And then my friend began to speak

"Do you have a name?" he hissed
I fired some words back, but they all missed
Then at once I had to cough
Stone and ice killed my spider off

Now I have to spin his web