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Album: Within The War Without Without The War Within

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Within The War Without Without The War Within

Album Title: Within The War Without Without The War Within
Completed: February 13, 2012

This album comes from the second composition challenge Phil Taylor and I have done together.

The rules allowed us to write and record the album from November 11, 2011 to February 12, 2012. I was required to make 7-10 songs, one whose lines' first letters had to compose the full alphabet and one about childhood memories, and I had to use each of the following words at least once: glib, quid pro quo, unambiguous, dichotomy, garish, permission, strategy, illuminate, blanket, mansion.

Once I was done writing, I submitted the lyrics to Phil, and he named the album.

The artwork for the album cover was done by Ethan Anarchy who I found and contracted on

This album is original both in its styling, which returns somewhat to my more folk/country sound but adds a bit of a tribal, natural flair, and it is the first album I've released as studio arrangements/cuts performed in a single take (with background arranging of 5 of 9 tracks) with video.

The official recordings for the challenge were released on the eve of my 33rd birthday.

Complete YouTube Playlist:

Track List:

  1. Listen! A Gift For My Enemies
  2. Listen! The Mystic
  3. Listen! The Wannabe Philosopher
  4. Listen! DNA Coat The Burrito
  5. Listen! The Bitter Forces In The Wind
  6. Listen! A Battle Song
  7. Listen! Fairy Tales
  8. Listen! An Ode To The Fallen
  9. Listen! A Song For Me