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Song: A Battle Song

Within The War Without Without The War Within

Album: Within The War Without Without The War Within
Track: #6

Listen! "A Battle Song" Album Cut
Recorded: February 7, 2012
Length: 4:12
Instrumentation: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
I had written the lead-in guitar piece for this many years ago, but I never was able to come up with a song until this one. It might be argued that this was an illegal use of pre-written material (for the album challenge), but since it can be completely removed from the song without changing its originality, I left it in, because it leads in to the song's theme musically too well.

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He walked on through the storms
And through the long bitter cold
Consoled by a memory of hope

He was far from his home
But barely lost on this road
Prepared for what his future may hold

There were days the sun shone on him
But today wasn't one, the rains started again

And yet on he would go
Through the damp bitter cold
While battles would break and unfold

He never faltered never broke
Head tattered and feet soaked
No mercy, no regret, no remorse

And then a different sun shone on him
Cause this war was over he was human again

It seemed so long ago
The broken universe he'd known
But it lingered so delicately rote

No remembrance was spoke
For the memories he choked
Were foreign, unsettled, and cloaked

That's why he left when they called on him
To come back to the fields when war raged again

He sought closure and spoke
Of the great warrior folk
Who died so he could carry their hope

And his wisdom was oak
Never bent never broke
Unfazed indiscriminantly cold

But his days of sunshine would end
This time the bullets rained down, and he joined the fallen 

They carried him home
All limp and blood soaked
Unambiguous, solemn, devote

The seeds he had sown
Were now fully grown
He's left us to carry his hope

But on the last time the sun shone on him
He joined the forgotten, and the rain started again

Now we walk through the storms
And through the long bitter cold
Consoled by a memory of hope