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Song: Fairy Tales

Within The War Without Without The War Within

Album: Within The War Without Without The War Within
Track: #7

Listen! "Fairy Tales" Album Cut
Recorded: February 7, 2012
Length: 3:11
Instrumentation: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Sibelius (Panflute, Drumset, Cocoa Bean Shaker, Upright Bass)
The first letter of each line of this song's lyrics make the alphabet.

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After this
Beleaguered paladin
Collects his thoughts he'll

Eventually we all
Fall to circumstances
Great and very small

I don't believe in fairy tales
Just now the happy ending failed to
Keep dreams moving along

Lest reality takes its toll
Mocking purpose mocking fate
Neglecting what I casually

Precocity innate
Quid pro quo it antiquates
Rendering what I just cannot

Tell me to believe in fairy tales
Until the happy endings cease to fail
Violently pushing dreams along

Would you do that to yourself?

X-rays even can't see through a fairy tale and
You can't accept that happy endings fail
Zeal for imperfection carries on