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Song: Rock In E


Well I realized
That a movie would be a long and expensive ordeal
So we decided to just make ourselves a small music video
So I handed her an American-made guitar
I said "hey baby with this thing you'll go far"
I just told her "let's play some rock in E"

You mean like this?
How do you like that?
Sounds good
Are you gettin all this on film
Yes I am
I think my ... my family would like this
I bet if they
They showed these in people's homes all the time
People would sit and watch it all day long
And well
We're not really people
But that's what I call it in your language
I bet people would like this kinda thing
You know I think you might be stumblin acrossed something pretty cool
This could be the next phenomenon
What's a phenomenon?
I'm not quite sure

The first part that we play
We call this the intro
Where we build into the song

Alright baby
I want you to take it away on the verse
You just
You just sing random things about anything you want
As long as you're rockin in E

Well I've never really
Really done this before
Hello everybody

The other day I was walking through the woods
I saw this little dude land in a spaceship
And he told me all these starnge things about about foreign lands
And all that kinda stuff
I liked him alot he was cute
And I wanted him to take me to bed
But instead we started making this music video and
I'm playin uh
Some kinda thing
I think
I don't know what it is
But it makes sounds
Oh it makes sounds
When I'm standin on the ground
That's good I like that
Thank you so much
I'll be here all week

The chorus
It's gotta be something catchy
Something that we're gonna repeat through the song
I think I'll take that part
Let me just think about it for a second

Well while you're thinkin
I'm gonna lift my skirt up
Cause they say that sells
And well, we're in this for the money right?
If that's what you want to be in it for
I was in it cause I love you
Well I was in it for love
But you won't even kiss me
I just met you ten minutes ago
Well my life span is only thirty days
Well in that case
*Kissing sounds*
Get your face off my butt
Oh I'm sorry I'm not used to this culture
In my home
All we do is kiss butt all day long
That's kinda
That kinda makes me hot
Oh, that makes me think of what I could say for the chorus

Kissin butt is what you do best
Kissin butt in your hot dress
Kissin butt is all you can do
Kissin butt cause your mouth tastes like poo
Tastes like poo
Tastes like poo
Tastes like poo
Tastes like poo
Tastes like poo

And this is called a musical interlude

You've taught me so many strange, wonderful things
That I don't know how I could ever repay you
So I just want you to know I'm pregnant
You're what?