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Song: Strange Planet


This is a strange planet that I have come upon
I was in the middle of space
Flying my spaceship with my pet monkey friend
Till he pissed upon my face
Some terrible space monkeys got loose
How was I supposed to see where I was drivin?
So I crash landed onto an island
On this strange planet I have come upon
I don't know what anything is
Think I'm going to investigate
As soon as I eat my sandwich

They have strange trees here
The leaves are not green
They're a little bit complicated
They're a little obscene
They kinda look like crap hanging from a wire
And their houses are made of tires

I'm wearing a wire today
Cause I'm gonna spy on you today
I'm a spy from way down below

My monkey
Was feelin kinda spunky
Looking for something he could munch upon
But there was no bananas
I'm a hungry monkey
I'm a hungry monkey
A hungry monkey

*Monkey Sounds*