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Song: The Abortion Prophecies


  Well I'm pissed off right now
What did I do?
Gonna be stuck on an alien planet
Oh uh, please don't
I'm too young to be a father
But ... but uh
But I guess I'm obligated
Please don't be mad
So we're gonna record a song
Gonna release it to the world
I don't know what to do
Gonna be a good hit
With every boy and girl
Cause I need the money
I need the money
Need the money
Need the money
Got a baby on the way
And I got a honey
Cause I need the money
I need the money
I need the money
I need the money

But how do you even know it'll work? <---???
Are you sure about this
Yeah baby
Trust me
That's what a relationship's about
It's about trust
It's about love
It's also about talking things over
So do you think we should go through with it baby?
I'm just doin what's best for you and my
And my future son
What are you askin me?

Do you think?
Do you think we should release our music video to the world?
To try and raise some money
So we can have a family
A nice house
A nice car
A collection of porn
Well what are the options?
I mean what else can we do?
My family's really poor
They don't have any money at all
I mean if, if, if we don't do that
What ... what's there left to do?

Well I guess it's settled
We're gonna release a music video
Video killed the radio star
I heard that one time riding in my car
It was on a radio station
A radio station's where they play songs for people to listen to
They use these little things called radio waves
And you pick it up with an antenna on your car
A car is a vehicle
A car is a vehicle
A vehicle is a transportation device
That gets you from one place to another
And I think
I think
I'm not ready to be a mother
No I'm not ready to be a mother
No I'm not ready to be a mother

Let me tell you somethin
On this planet
We've had for many years
There's a legend
About a man that who will come to save us
He will bear a son
But he would wanna try to kill that son
The word they give it
Is, is unknown to our philosophies
We call these stories "The Abortion Prophecies"