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Song: The Meeting


-ll be cool

There's a beach on my left
There's a rock
There's some oceans
There's some oceans in a rock
There's some oceans in a rock
How do you get an ocean in a rock?
An ocean in a rock
I'll have to ask any locals that I see

Chicka la powa
Dohn slaga
Digga hom pay flack tka
Lega poday lissa go bay dah

This guy is strange
He has orange skin
His legs extend all the way up to his chin
He has two hands coming out of his knee caps
Mossa flambo
He says words that I have no idea what he's talkin about

Rrrrreek ahahahahahah
Rrrrreek ahahahahahah

That's a nice dance you have there

I wish I could dance like the people on this planet
They're really shakin their groove thing
I'm sittin in the middle of a tribal ritual thing
All these orange people with long legs and hands coming out of their knee caps
Kinda makes me feel right at home

I learn languages quick human scum
You made fun of my orange skin
Well there's nothing I can do about it
I have a condition
Would you like to go fishin?
Sure, that seems like it would be delightful
Right over there is lake Hassalibbapoondee
The one coming outta the mountain?
Yes that the one
How did I know that was the one you were talkin about?
Because it's the only lake here you dumb-fuzzle
Hey just because I've got an eye for the obvious
Doesn't mean you can pick on me

So I'm thinking that the natives are kinda receptive
Kinda hostile
Kinda angry with me
But kinda friendly
Wanting to be my friend

So I'm gonna go fishin
Gonna catch some fish
Gonna put the fishes
Gonna put 'em on a dish
Gonna put 'em on the fire
Gonna eat 'em real good
I might even have a Mountain Dew or two

I think I have figured out the way that
All the natives will recept my way
I just pulled out a block of cheese
That I had stored in my astronaut suit

I asked my monkey to cut it
Instead he stabbed a native in the eye
And they viewed that as a sign of respect

But now I'm good with the tribe of Huckytickytickytickyto
But I don't know really what I'm gonna do to get back home
I wanna go back home
I wanna go back home
Not that the people here are mean or anything
But I just miss my family
I miss my friends
I miss watching the show "Friends"

Hey little human boy
You're kinda cute
Well thank you
I was wonderin
Maybe you and I could go to a movie some time
You guys don't have movies here
Well I don't know how to pick people up in your language
I figured I would give it a try
Well to cut a long story short
I thought that was cute
And that's when I knew it was true love
And she continued with some sort of rambling
Wait wait
It went kinda his
I'm not done yet
Well I found this in your, in your spaceship
It looks like a thing that you make movies with
I was thinking maybe since
Since we don't have movies on this planet
We could make our own movie
Just you and me and your monkey


Take me to the movies
Yeah yeah yeah yeah