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Song: The Potion


Well we released our video today
It got a bigger reception than I expected
Oh my god everybody loves it
Money's flowin out our wazoos
We're gettin money
Gettin money
Gettin money for our baby
Our baby
Baby that we're gonna have

Let me tell you somethin
I'm comin to my twentieth day of life
What's the twentieth day of life?
Well in our culture
Well things change
My my my ah um
Our voices change
So now I talk like this
That's interesting
I'm glad you filled me in on this ahead of time
I hope you still find me sexy
Oh baby you'll always be sexy to me

The money's flowin in
We're gonna get married in the spring
We don't have a spring on this planet
It's a good thing
Cause I'm thinkin spring is more than ten days away
Oh yeah I forgot
We gotta make the most of this
Look at all this money we've got now

Baby I think we have a little bit extra
So I'm gonna figure out a way
Gonna figure out a way
To make you live for a lot longer than thirty days
Than thirty days
Than thirty days
Cause I'm a scientist
You gotta be a scientist to be an astronaut
You gotta be a scientist to be an astronaut
Well I don't know if you really do or not
But I made it up
Who do you think you are?
Ponce de Leon?
As a matter of fact
Yes I do
That's interesting
Cause I never did ask you your name
I'll just call you Ponce
Ponce de Leon

Hey baby
I want you to come see somethin that I made for you
Well what is it?
You drink this liquid right here
You'll be able to live till you're eighty years old

*Slurping sounds*
Tastes like chicken
How do you know what chicken tastes like?
I read your brain
Oh you can do that?
Well yeah

Oh oh oh
I'm gettin youn-
I'm getting younger again

Just when I was starting to get used to that voice
Well I kinda like this voice
I've known it my whole life
And now I'll be the envy of all the old ladies around

Somethings happening