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Song: Blue Shoes


Ok something in G C and D
One two one two three four
G and C

I've got blue shoes
I wear them in the mud
I've got blue shoes
They're really cool
My shoes are new and they are really blue
I wear my blue shoes in the mud

Would you like some shoes?

I wear my rain coat
I wear it in the thunderstorm
I wear my blue shoes with my raincoat
They really help me stay warm
Play me a guitar solo or something good like that

I've got blue shoes and a raincoat
And a raincoat
They keep me warm when I go outside
Cause it's cool to wear a raincoat and blue shoes
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Alright I bet you had yourself some raincoats and blue shoes
My new blue shoes
My new blue shoes

Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

I wear my shoes in the mud
I wear my shoes when I'm chewing cud
Cause I'm a cow with a raincoat
A raincoat

I've got backup singers
They follow me wherever I go
They kinda sing a little off key
Cause they wanna be like me
Lick my foot
This is our "Freebird"
Ten minute solo !!

I've got two friends
No three no wait I think I've got four
Doesn't really matter
They don't have blue shoes
So sometimes I share with them
It's really cool
It's really cool
It's really cool
It's really cool
I think that the bassist should stop playing them power chords

We should probably end the song
Why would you wanna end the song?
So we can record another song baby !

Ha ha