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Song: Canada


It's C F G, C Am G C
C F G, C Am G C
Ok ladies and gentlemen
This is a song about the greatest country in the whole of Canada
And I'm gonna count it in
One two one two three hoser

Canada is the greatest place in the world
They gave us pretty good bacon and ginger ale
Oh Canada
Oh Canada

Made up words
Like aboot and hoser
I don't know what it's all about
Or should I say aboot?

C F G, C Am G C
C F G, C Am G C
What's that spell? It spells Canada)
That's definitely not the chords we're playing in

I love Canadian chicks cause they look like men
Only with boobies and long hair
Break it down
What's that aboot?

One time I was in Canada
I came across a rubber duck
And I learned how to play the drums but not very well
From that duck
He said "What's your name?"
And I said "Fred"
But I was lying cause that's not my name
He was really yellow
A yellow bellied duck
He said to me he says
I can't figure out what's so great about Canada
But I just--I just plain love it
So I said "Well it's got to be the police."
The police?
I don't know what I was thinking
Cause everybody hates Canada's police
They're the Canadian bacon
Parce qu'ils song bêtes les canadiens AHH ça fait chier les québecois
Let's sing in French cause it's fun
Omelet du fromage
Omelet du fromage
That means that I like the cheese om-oh-lot
Ah j'aime bien le fromage
Sacrébleu !!
Tabernacle hostie!
Go away you stinking Americans !
We don't want any !
Les américains putain des américains ... oh moi ... ça se fait chier
Americans are the inventors of American cheese
Le fromage américan
And American food
C'est bien, c'est pas mal ... ah oui ... ça me fait AHHH
We don't really like Frenchies either
So we're gonna sing in German
Du hast
Achtung baby
Du hast mich
Achtung baby
Achtung baby
Acht Acthamachadubala
Achtung baby

This song was initially intended to be about Canada
But we have ADD and you know
It's really fun just randomly singing
Songs about rubber ducks and Frenchies and Canadians
I think ...
Chantons de la France maintenant
I smell a solo coming on
Ah j'aime bien les solos

Let's end this song at five minutes

One two three four

We're Canadian we don't know how to count
What's the matter with you
I'm not even Canadian
I can't even talk with the right accent