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Song: Kangaroo Love


This is going to be a blues song should I sing or should you?
Or you wanna sing in harmony?
I'll sing it I got it
Ok alright
When did we get English accents
It's not English it's Australian
One two one two three mate
British, something

Well you might wanna be in the right key
This is harmonized blues

Maybe Forrest should play what Seth's playing

Since everyone else is in a weird key

Let's go with it and play a whacked out blues song
Where's my bass?
And now the vocals start
Boom boom boom boom
Boom boom boom boom

I was down in the
In the area where they have kangaroos and such
And I
And such
I fell in love with one
Yes a little kangaroo with a little baby
A little kangaroo
I didn't make the baby mind you, no
We've got some backup singing
But it was a pretty baby
Pretty baby
Prettiest baby I ever saw come out of a roo
Prettiest gosh darn baby
I -- I was in love, uh, eh, did I say that?
Well I ... I
No say it again baby
I was down by the beach, yes
Are there beaches in Australia? I don't think there are
The -- There are lots of beaches in Australia.
Are you kidding me?
All around
And I was in the one where there are kangaroos on the beach
Kangaroos like to tan

A Kangaroo
A Kangaroo
A Kangaroo
A Kangaroo
A Kangaroo
A Kangaroo
A Kangaroo
A Kangaroo

I fell in love with a kangaroo
It was such a beautiful baby
On the beach in Australia last year
She had a baby in her pouch she was sexy as all get out
In a pouch
Oh yeah

Then one day
That little kangaroo
She left me for another man
Yes she did
I didn't know you ever had her
I didn't have her but she did anyway
Oh, that sucks hardcore)
It really bothered me
It -- it made me wanna play really loud
Death metal
Heavy goth metal
One two three four


Oh kangaroo where did you go?
And here's what the conversation sounded like between him and the kangaroo
I'll be the kangaroo

Hey how ya doin?
I'm alright how are you?
I'm doing pretty good
That's a nice little baby you've got there
Oh thank you
You don't talk much do ya
No. I'm a kangaroo.
I like ... I like my women a little bit obtuse--a little bit terse
Do you like them with six nipples?
Six nipples? I've--I've only got three hands--I mean two hands and a mouth
I mean two feet. Oh you got me all flustered
Why am I holding a guitar?
Talking to a kangaroo?
He he he he he Well I forgot to tell you I'm in love with another man)\

Love with another man
I'm in love
Love with another man
I'm in love

It's about four minutes and a half
Don't you think we should have a solo?
One two one two thirty-eight seven six five four three two one

This is what a kangaroo sounds like when it hops
I thought it sounded like this
Whaaaa Rock & Roll?


Someone should hit the stop button