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Song: Rock In D


Ok we're going to play this song
We like to call this song D
Because it's only in D
Because we like playing in D
Because it's fun to play in D cant you see
And we're not even in Drop-D
One two, One two three D

I said D with a three before it
That's like three-dimensional baby

You were an eighteen-year-old girl
On vacation from college
You said "What's up, baby"
And I said, "Not a lot."
So you left me and I got over it

Frog legs
I thought that you would say something into the mic
But I thought I was wrong
I guess I was wrong
I guess I was wrong
I'm playing in D

Fought in the war
Killed some people
But it was all an accident
Cause I dropped my gun in D
This song's in D

This is called "In D rock"
Indie rock, that's funny
It's rock in D
Ha haaaaa

So that reminds me
This one time, speaking of D
I was in the store
And they asked me
"Are you gonna pay for that?"
"Are you gonna pay for that?"
"Are you gonna pay for that?"
But I didn't know what on earth they were talking about

Make some words up sexy
I don't speak this language
I thought you spoke D
I only speak in C
Oh my bad

Well now I'm gonna speak in music
It goes like this
La la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la
Boom chicky bang bang bong diddly dong
Track a doodly dack diddly diddly diddly dong
And now I'm gonna finger tap with my mouth
Doodly doodly doodly doodly doodly doodly doodly doodly doo

Psychedelic rock
Psychedelic rock
Is something that we do not do very well

I had a hamster
He bit off my finger
So I chopped his head off and fed it to a goat
I had a hamster
Bit off my finger
So I chopped off his head and fed him to a goat
That'll teach him

You don't know how it feels to be stuck in the key of D
It's not fun
Like being stuck in a door
I don't know
That you can't walk through no more
What I can do
Cause you're so hot
Oh oh oh oh
I just wanna know your name

I love green eggs and ham
They give me diarrhea
Which starts with a D
Diarrhea starts with a D
Diarrhea starts with a D
Horse and a cow went walking in a field saw a chicken die
Uh huh
That chicken had three legs and he snapped his own neck
Ohhh we're singing in a round
I don't know how he did it
Yeah singing in D
We are all, we are all singing at the same time
We are singing in D
We are singing singing in D
We don't know what the heck we're saying

Ohhhh eee oh
Ate at McDonald's, ate at Wendy's, ate a burger on my knees
Had some french fries and some onion rings to boot
He ate that food
French fries mayonnaise ketchup mustard oh my honey mustard
Cause when he got ??????
Dippin fries in my honey mustard
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeahhh

I'm spilling my mustard !!
I'm spilling my ketchup !!
I'm afraid the song will die

If we don't end this song I'll be late getting home
But it's time to kick in for a big rock solo

Double bass
Double snare !


That's a wrap fellows
Best album we've ever done