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Song: Goth Woman


I love puppies
And flowers
On a nice sunny day in July
When I can kiss you
On your sweet lips
Down there in the sunny
In the poop-tagoda?
I love all the happy things
And I love you

I love you
I love you
I love you baby

Let me call you sweetheart
Let me call you baby
Let me lick you with my lips oh yeah

I love you whenever you
Wear your hair all pulled back like that
You're so pretty

The other day I was walking to work becasue I don't like to drive
Cause it pollutes the environment
I saw the most beautiful dress in the window
It had pretty flowers on it
So I bought it for you

This is a love song to a girl who is real scary
She wears white makeup all over her face
And she has black on her eyes
And on her lips
And her hair

She likes really scary things
Like monsters and Satan
I don't know she told me so
It kinda freaks me out
Why are you talking in a weird voice
What do you mean?
If I talk like the guy off of Family Guy
Is it funny?

I'm a family man
I'm a model man
She is a gorgeous gorgeous dark dark mistress of death
I know I think she's pretty

I bought her flowers
Black roses and I dipped them in ink
Do you think she's gonna to die?
Aye, we're all uh gonna die

Let's make it soft now
But at my funeral I want you to listen to pretty songs like
This one
"Glad cause Phil is dead now let's rejoice"

Goth woman
Goth woman
Why do you dress so...
Black as hate and death and
Pretty little butterflies
In black

Things that don't rhyme with black
Even euphemistically, metaphorically
Poetically they don't rhyme
Why is that?
Why is it that death metal ha ... hate is so happy?
I hate hate hate hate
Men who think I smell
Like cheese
Omelet du fromage
That is so beautiful
Rotten eggs and cheese

I'm making up words
Just so it will be hard to figure out what the heck I said later

I like you beautiful death mistress
You have a beautiful throbbing Adam's apple
Wait a second, women don't have Adam's apples
Oh no
I'm in love with a man
And I didn't even know it
Ahhh I wanna die

Death and destruction
I'm gonna kill you
Cause you dressed up like a woman
And you looked really hot
But you're a man and that's just plain disgusting
So I'm gonna have to smack you upside your head
This is what death and destruction really sounds like

I love you sweetheart
Death and destruction
Don't talk to me like that
Death and destruction
Why not?
Beause you're a man
Death and destruction
I'm not a man
Yes you are
Death and destruction
But you have an Adam's apple
And I do to
Death and destruction
Why does that make me a man?
Death and destruction
Cause only men have Adam's apples
Death and destruction
Oh okay, well I guess I am a man then
Death and destruction
Well what's this?
Death and destruction
Uh, I have no clue
Death and destruction
I'll tell you what it is
Death and destruction
It's a bag of potato chips
Death and destruction

And things that rhyme with construction

I can see up Jeremy's shorts
Oh no
Nice booty
I'm not playing bass
Cause it sounds sexy like that

Put on a cowboy hat and dance yourself a jig because I
Fell in love with a man he was wearing a dang wig and I
Thought he was a woman
Thought he was a girl
I was gonna ask her to marry me
We's gonna see the world
I feel deceived
I feel cheated
I feel drained and depleted
I've got an amp
I play through it
But I don't know what I'm doing
So I'm just gonna hit some random notes oww

Die die
It's time for the song to die
Because I don't want to sing anymore dubby dubby flime
In disguise
I hate him
He needs to move to another country


He was choking
Stop it jeeminy Christmas