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Song: New Guitar


I got a new guitar
Shiny and new
I love my new guitar
It's new
So new
Gonna play this song for you
But I'm not gonna play it well
This country song about my new guitar


I tried to play Sweet Home Alabama
But I failed miserably
It sounded more like Sweet Home Constantinople
The ring on my finger is made of Opal
Cause that rhymes with Constantinople
But I wanted a pearl
With diamond inlays and rubies
Diamonds inlayed and rubies
Maybe an emerald
Or a sapphire
But really I didn't even get a ring at all
I just got this guitar
And here I am
Trying to look pretty
But I don't even win that category either

Yodalady hoo yodaladyhoo

Woof woof woof
Grrwl grrwl
Cockadoodle doo
Ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit
Get back in here in the kitchen and eat your stuffing Earl
But I wanna go fishing

I wanna go fishing
With my guitar
Take off one of those strings
Use my pick as bait
Oh yeah
I tried that once back in November
Caught a bass the size of my finger
And I like fishing ever since

Play my guitar
Fishing with my guitar
Playing my guitar
I'm playing a brand new song
While I'm fishing
On my brand new guitar that I just got
I love it
I love fishing and playing the guitar
I catch fish with my guitar
Playing my guitar
I go fishing on every star
Playing my guitar
But I don't fish on stars
You're supposed to wish on stars
Playing my guitar
I got my words wrong
Yodaladywho baby

Drum solo

That's a short solo
That's the way I like it
Short and to the point
Like my guitar

I went to buy a Coke
It comes by the liter
Or the rock
That drum solo was no
But that's alright
Cause he never played with that band
Yoo ooh ooh ooh ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I like going fishing with my guitar
I use my pick as bait
Running out of breath I'm running out of breath
I fish on every star
But I can't wish on the star
I mean I'm supposed to fish and I wish
And I
Give me a kiss baby cause we're gonna stop
Just in a second
Right now