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Song: The Civil War


Drum roll
F: Just play around with it

I was in the Civil War
I killed my brothers

I carry a rifle
And I shot them in the faces
Not the face
Not the face
Boom boom bang bang

I'm afraid of war

I don't wanna die
But I think I've been shot in the eye
Oh my
Me oh my
I want my mommy

I miss my wifey-poo
And my kiddies too
My kiddies are leaving

My son
My daughter
He's gonna grow up
He's gonna be a man unlike you
And he's not gonna kill people
He's not gonna kill people?
No cause he doesn't want to be like me
Cause he hates me
Cause I'm a killer
A killer with a gun

They didn't have very good music in the Civil War
It was pretty bad
Lots of snare drum

I have a 5-string bass
I hit you in the face
Cause I don't like you
Wave your Confederate flag

I want you to know
That I'm a hobo
With no place to go oh oh oh

I need a quarter
I need a dime
Give me a penny
I like lime
Bud Light too

Product placement in our songs
Gettin sued by big corporations
Dave Mustaine
Doesn't sound anything like this

I hate you
Confederate flag waver
Bow before me
For I am root

I will kill you
With my shotgun in my hand
Saw off the end cause it looks like cool
Carry it in my trench coat
I had one in the Civil War

They don't have trench coats in the Civil War
I, I, I did
You did?
How did you get a trench coat
And I smoked Marijuana
Did you have a time machine
And I snorted Cocaine

Cocaine in the Civil War?
Mexico didn't even fight in the Civil War

I got it from the black man
The black man?
The black man
El nigro?
Yes el nigro
I meant el negro
El negro
No hablo Espaņol
No hable nigro
Moi non plus

I want to kill you
And your mother and your father too
And your children and your brother
And your sister and your wife
Well I'll, well I'll keep your wife
Cause she's mighty fine

She needs a real man
I said she needs a real man
There's no such thing as a real man
I smell like fish
In a pond full of algae

So this part is where I tell you about my trip to the water
To the ocean
If you'll notice
The cowbell and the woodblock sound alot like water
Yes, very much so
Especially what water sounded like in the Civil War
And I spent alot of time at the ocean during the Civil War
And the one thing you need to know about the ocean
The salt is very painful ON YOUR WOUNDS

Chicky chicky bang
Danky dank dank dadank dadank

There's a sting ray on my face
A jellyfish on my leg
Pee on me quick

Oh Nessy
The Lochness monster
He used to live in America
But she moved away cause she say we crazy
Cause we kill each other in the Civil War
In the Civil War
When we kill each other in the Civil War

Would you like to attend my house for dinner
I promise theres no poison in your bacon

That's okay I don't like it
So here I lie
My whole life stripped away from me
I have nothing left but to sell myself as a prostitute
Any buyers?
I'll offer bid
I mean I'm in
Three dollars
What do I look like?
A three dollar floozy
Well if you don't mind my saying so, yes
Thank you
Three dollars was a lot in the Civil War
I could buy bread for a year on that
You could kill people to
Cause it was fun to do it in the Civil War times
Here comes another snare roll

Blue coat
Red coat
Black coat
White coat with a pillow case on your head

I think that this song is very wrong
And I mean that I'm saying lots of obscene things
Because I hate you black people
I hate you Mexicans
I hate you Chinese people
And most of all

I'm hot and sweaty
You're really sexy mister bovine cow
I wanna moo you up and down
Aw yeah, milk me

Rape, blood

Rape me
Rape you
Rape me my friend
Rape you
Your friends are gonna rape you?
Those are really good friends you havin
Bass solo


I want to let you know all of the previous stated obscene things were all
The truth

Now we're gonna end the song
Cause I said too many bad things
About your mother
And her lovin