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Song: Bahaman Jam


The door

We jammin man
Yeah we jammin
I'm jammin are you jammin?
Are you jammin?
We're jammin man
We're jammin

When I lived in the Bahamas
Like a man that lives in the Bahamas
Smoke a dooby
I gotta be serious

Layin on a beach
Playin a guitar
Like I never played a guitar before
He's playin it
That guitar
Soakin up the rays
Havin a brew
And I don't know what to do

All the people around are staring at me
Laughing like I'm doing something wrong
But I'm not, it's right
Don't you forget it
Play solos cause they're good for your health

I'm smoking a dooby on my back porch
I'm watching the sunrise with my honey
At my feet is my dog
His name is Larry
I love Larry
Larry's the greatest dog in the world
Larry likes marijuana
Just like any dog would

Come here boy
Smoke a little with me
Grass is good for your health
With your daddy

No you're not hallucinating
I am
Big boy
Woof woof
Now I'm stoned out of my mind
Yeah man
We'll just play a little now

My dog is standing up and doing tricks
He's talking to me he's saying
Something about a family tree
And his homeland in Jamaica
With all his homies
And his Rasta
I really need to stop doing all these drugs
Cause they make me play the guitar too well
I love 'em
I need 'em
I see 'em
In my sleep
The drugs haunt me
They want me to smoke 'em
Well I've gotta do what they want me to do
Because the drugs tell me what to do
Drugs are in my head
Drugs drugs drugs drugs are bad
That's what the man would want you to think
The man is trying to oppress me

We're jamming good now man
I'm gonna play a little love for ya
This is called "Grapette"

Jamaica man
I knew a girl once who came from the Bahamas
She had twenty-six names
They were all longer than nine letters
Ah ... but I don't remember a one of them
So I knitted myself a sweater
Out of coconuts
Bet it's hot
Cause that's the way that I like it
It's good for you
Come knit yourself a sweater too
Cause that's the way it's gotta be
Sweaters out of coconut are just so sexy
And I think I'm gonna end this song right now

He's not stoned he don't know when to stop