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Song: Blue Grass


Do you know my banjo can sing you a song?
He has such a pretty voice
He sings very clearly like, like me only better
Bum bum, bang bang, bing bing bongp

I chase chickens around the farm
I've never caught one to this date
You know I never really thought about what I would do
If I caught one of them chickens
I think I would run their head through a gate

And now the drums will take a break
And so will the singing
So the guys can have some fun ah
You can listen to the banjo
As he plays a crazy little bit of
Crazy little bit of stuff

I'm gonna come back into the song

I don't know how to drum very well

I wear my bluegrass playing shoes
And I run on blue grass
And I leave holes in it
Cause I got cleats at the bottom of my bluegrass shoes

I wear my blue grass gloves
When I play bluegrass songs
Cause they make it where my fingers don't hurt so bad
As I go aboom ading abang ading aboing
Aboom ading abang adoing