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Song: Roxanne


  I've got the
"I can't get a woman
Cause I am a retarded loser
And am not cool"
I feel that
I feel it bad man

They always look at me
They turn the other way
They turn their other cheek
And I like looking at it

And when I see a woman
And she's turning away from me
As she's running the other way
I don't know what to say
I've got nothing else to do but
Cry cry cry and play my guitar
Let that thing sing
Cause she's the only woman
That will ever appreciate me
I call her Roxanne

Hey Roxanne
Why don't you come give me some
You don't need that Phil
He's just a loser
Come here baby
Come on
Phil's got nothin
Listen to these drums

He's trying to take my woman away from me
My woman
Well she's not a woman she's a guitar
Wink wink
Nudge nudge
She's much easier to handle than a woman
She's never complaining that I don't touch her the right way
I'll touch her the right way
You lay your hands off my woman
I'll kill ya fool
You won't touch me

Take this
Aw haw haw oh oh
Take this

In your face

Got nothin to say about that uh?
Talk is cheap
Look who I got on my arm

Aww haw haw Roxanne
Come back please
Does that mean no in guitar?
Does that mean uh huh?
I have no idea what she's saying
But I'll just let her ramble on for a few minutes

Kiss me sweety
Hey get back here
I won you

Can't you hear my gui-
My drums are s ... are suffering without you Roxy
Oh oh I eh
I'm losin it
Now she's back with me

I've got the blues
The only women I get I lose
Roxanne she loved me for a time
And I couldn't keep her mine
A long lean redhead
Roxanne is mine
Came and snatched her away from me
Roxanne is mine

I can hear it in your voice Roxanne
You don't want that little redhead boy
You want a real man
Who plays the drums
Hear this?
Watch this

What do you think of that?
Lay it on daddy
I love it when you talk like that
Kiss me baby
Hey don't back off
You know you want it
I'm too much of a man

Roxanne is mine
She's mine
And she came unplugged

Now I don't know what to do
My Roxanne
Her life force has been taken away from me
Oh cruel cruel world
What have you done to my Roxanne
Now I must lay her to rest

Oh yeah Phil
Look right here
See this Roxanne?
Here on my arm
She's not yours anymore

What are you doing to her?
Get those electricuty things away from her dead corpse
Oh you're bringing her back to life
My, my bad
Roxanne, you're alright
No it was me that saved you not him

This is what Roxanne sounds like as drums
Come on baby you can't mean that
He doesn't love you like I do
He could never treat you the same way

Remember that time that I bought you those new strings
And I, and I took all the old ones off
And I wiped you down with a nice rag and some wood polish
Yeah, you told me how much you loved me
You said we'd never be apart
But now you're over there
Being played like a drum
Come back to me
What's that?
What's that you want me to play you again?


Blue am I without my baby
Everything I ever won
I've always lost again
My baby doesn't love me
Like she loves that little redheaded fool

I may be an idiot
But look who's got Roxy in the end

I can't compete with that