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Song: Yellow


I'm droppin the snare

Yellow foam on the walls
Keep the sound insulated
For our music listening pleasure
I love green tea
In England
They don't say leisure
They say leisure
They don't say cigarettes they say fag
Songs are composed of notes and measures
And writing songs is my personal pleasure
Pleasure it is

I just want you to know
That I love you so
When you play that solo
I'm singin low cause I wanna

This song is about yellow
Yellow foam on the walls
Insulates the drums
Keeps them warm
Rubber ducks are yellow
But not today
Lemon meringue pie is yellow
Part of it
My urine is yellow
My hand is turning yellow
That bag of potato chips is yellow
I'm gonna stop for a second
Your belly is yellow

I think he meant that
He was gonna stop not the rest of you
So keep playin
You fools

Wrote a song
I called it "Yellow"
No it was not a copyright infringement
Yellow is not copyrighted
I know that's what I said fool
Like I said
That's what you said
That's what you said I said
It's gettin pretty serious

The mark of a great guitarist
Is a yellow-bellied freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I have no idea what word I just said
Meeeeeeeee neither

I love makin music with my homeboys
Though we're not homeboys
We don't wear baggy pants
Or talk with that ghetto speech
But if we did
We call ourselves the "Yellow Gang"
Yes, the "Yellow Gang"

Yellow foam on the walls
Insulation for the drums
Keeps them quiet if you're standing right behind it
But if you're not it doesn't do any good at allllll yeah

This is the bridge
That's what we're doing right now
We're playing a bridge
It's a bridge from the chorus to the chorus
Just bass
I have no idea what he said to me

Somebody should hit the stop butt-