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Song: Deep Thoughts


Why do they call them urinals and not call toilets poopals?
Why is it urinal and not mine?
When sitting on the crapper do you get a plastic wrapper
No, the man's trying to keep you down

Can you use a baseball bat to hit your brother in the head?
But that might knock him out
If you did it to him would it be a brother bat instead?
My brother happy if I hit him in the head with a baseball bat
I hit a skunk with my car
It didn't let me go very far before it started stinking the place up
A little bit of solo for you
I've always been more into basketball anyway

Why is called Viagra?
Shouldn't it be called Penigra?
Got more ups than Bob the Enzyte guy
Bob the Enzyte guy
I stole that line from that show on ESPN
Where they try to find a new sports anchor
They didn't approve it because that's a family show
He was a wanker
Dream Job
The show's called Dream Job

I tried to get on CNN
I just wanted to be famous
So I went out and killed twelve men
Shoved a pipe in their anus
Bet they loved that on MSNBC
Wasn't good enough for me
Fox Network News eat your heart out
I want to eat your heart out with a spoon

You conservative news hound
You say you got no spin
But you look like a fan
A fan
A spinning fan
That's spin right there
All of these years

What is it like to sing in a round? Oh
What is it like to sing in a round? Oh
What is it like to sing in a round? Oh
I've never sang in a round because
What is it like to sing in a round? Oh
I don't know much about circles anyway
Playing the chord C
We'll square dance, while singing in a round
I'm playing Am
Square dancing while singing in a round
Taking my dry cleaning over ?check?savings? because because
Equilateral triangle
Circle, circle, geometry
I don't know what I'm doing

This song has extended past the point of no return
Maybe we should just stop
I'm gonna take it and collaberate and listen