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Song: Derice Therese


I had a puppy named Derice
From Africa
He had hair of fleece
From Japan
I don't know how he got that combination
But I never asked him
He was European
He got arrested by the Police
Come back Therese

Derice where are you?
Are you still in prison or have you dug yourself out?

Let me pay your bail
Let me pay your bail
So I can get you out of jail
I got money
Come back Therese

Japanese African Canadian European Therese
I don't know your country of origin
But I know that you like Greece
In the summer
You drive your Hummer
Through the streets of Athens

Tell me whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do with my leather shoe?
Are you gonna chew it
Are you gonna eat it
Cause I can't take that kind of pressure

Come back Therese

Come back Therese

Get out of the flea bag
Before you get fleas
I'd like to eat some rice
But I can't rime it with fleece
It's said that you were my friend
You're not my neice
I gotta tell you baby ah
Come back Therese
Oh yeah

Last I heard from Derice
He was doing time
But he was about to get out on good behaviour

Hey Derice long time no see
How you been man?
How you be?
I'm doing good
That's good to hear
Hey thanks for paying my bail man
No problem
So how was prison?
Oh I loved it
I'd never had a black man enema
Very cleansing
You don't say
I don't have any of the problems that I was having before
You know I built up a little muscle
Made some new friends
Got laid
I don't know
Maybe you would have been better if I would've just left you in there
I've got a present for you
Since you're not happy to see me
Oh really
I've been thinking about you
Can I, can I, can I have it?
Hang on
Do you need to take a bath or anything?
No? Why not?
Do I need to take one?
Well, I need an excuse to get you naked
Hold on
I'll take off all my close
Kwoo kwoo zip whoo tiky tikita kow wow
Okay now I'll take off my clothes
What a hairy butt
Why thank you
So what's
So what's my present
Alright, turn around
I'm, I'm so excited
Alright I'm gonna heh, I'm gonna set it at your feet
Alright it's there
I'm, I'm gonna lean down and grab it
Alra alra yeah, lean down and pick it up
Alright I'm opening it up
Alright there you go heh
Oh my god what is that?
It's a hamster
Oh, I like hamsters

Come back Therese
Come back Therese
Come back from Greece
Give me back my fleece
I need some peace
Come back Therese

My butt tickles

Heh ... hamsters is nice