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Song: Fido


My fish died today
It was living in the deep South
Real estate for fish just got better
Because a city just got flooded
But they're draining it and my fish died

Fido was my fish
Mmmmm ... but you never asked what I am
You never asked what I am

Ahhh Ahhhhhhh
I'm a penguin
I'm a penguin
I live up north
My fish lived in the deep South where it flooded
And I'm gonna go hungry
Hungry tonight
Alone without Fido
I was an albino
Fido ...
Supper for tonight

I don't know how to get home
I'm so lost
Never should have made that turn at the Shell station

I want my mommy
I want her to hold me and console me
If you were in my shoes
You'd have nothing else to lose
You'd be selling your soul on Ebay

If you wanted lots of money
Why didn't you just come ask me?
I would turned you away
But you didn't even know that
I would've turned you away
But you could've at least asked

Lick my nipple