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Song: Fitting In


One plus one does not equal two
If you are from Kan-ta-kakaloo
Cause in there everything is backwards
So one plus one equals hammers

All I know is
You've got gingivitis and I want to lick it
All I know is
All I've got is a Lemony Snicket

Get together
Eddie Vedder

My name is Bob I'm from the shore
I've never lived here before
Hoo ha
My name was Robert before everyone made my name short
I like the water and the ...
My life is nothing all these trees
I lived on the beach
On the shore with
New Orleans
Please don't hate me
Please don't hate me
Please don't hate me

I have got a secret
I like chocolate
But not a whole lot
When I eat it my poop comes out looking like snot

My name is Anne
I have a fruit fly for a friend
Hi everybody
Will you tell me your name little fruit fly I forgot
I like to go by Jebediah
Jebediah you have lots of things to say about me
But I know you just can't find the words
Well would you tell me please
I've got no other friends to tell me if I'm good or not
Well let me tell ya
How I think about ya
I think you're a big stinky
But that's the kinda things I like
When I'm sucking on your pinky hehe
You are the perfect friend for me
Ah hehehe
When did you find me?
You should probably know that
I'm so happy when you're around me
I know
Whoa won't you stick it in my ... ear?
Mighty smokie
I think you're a little bit drunk
But that's okay
Your ear is not big enough to fit my junk
I might have had a few
I got a guy's voice and I call myself Anne
I know ... it's a little weird
But I like my frothy beverages
Ssp ssp spp spp spp
Just let the man play his guitar

I've got a new hot body
I've never heard a rock opera
Except for one that I learned from a Swahili man

Horses like
Horses like to poop
Horses like to poop alot
I am a fly
I like to eat poop
I like to eat poop alot
Hey Jebediah
So you and me we get along
Cause you poop out big old logs
And I, I eat 'em all up
I eat 'em all up yeah
You rang?
Why don't you tell me that story that I love so much
About the time that you hooked up with a horsefly?
Well one time
It was a long time ago
I was hanging on a dumpster
And they're she was
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
She was chewing on a used condom
And I said "Hey baby what's up?"
And she said "You big fella"
And I said "I don't understand"
And she thought that was cute
So next thing you know we was Siamese flies
Heh heh
Playing Piggy-Back
Hoo hoo
Let me tell ya something about stuff like that
You better watch yourself
Cause now I've got three-hundred freakin' kids
All they want is me me me me me me me
But all I want is you
Well that's all I want to do is
Spend my time with you if that would be alright
You're so cute
So cute
You're so cute
You're so cute
I want to lick your face
You can lick my face Smokie
But only if you pay me in crap
I want it wrapped in aluminum foil
Double double double toil


Oh my God
They've got a fly swatter and they're swinging at me
It's getting dark
One two three four

Ow ... I ... Eh ... Uh uh ... Eh ... Ehh
Ehh ...
Did you make a poop?
Heh ... eckkkk
Smells good