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Song: Godzilla 2.0


Mmm Sméagol
A one, two
And a one, and a two, and a three, and a four

Godzilla ate my mother
Ate my mother
He ate her good
Big green reptile with big thorny back came and ate my mommy little piece of crap
I hate that monster he ate my mommy
And he didn't even floss afterwards
And I lost a drumstick

Ho ho ho ho
Godzilla ate my mother
Godzilla ate my mother
Godzilla I hate you
Godzilla ate my mother
Hoo hoo hoo hoo

We were walking on the beach
We saw a man he tried to preach
But we just went the other way
We kept walking all along
And out from the water
Came a big fat Godzilla and he ate my mother

Godzilla laid down to take a nap
So I can stab you in the eye
Godzilla sleep little baby sleep
Ate my mother

I want to kill ya
Cause you ate my mother
And I don't have dinner
Cause I don't know how to cook
And I sat the house on fire
When I tried to sit flooflay in the ovenenoveneoveneoven in the oven

I layed my hands to Godzilla to apply the death method that I chose
Death by lactation
But he felt so good
Those scales
So he and Godzilla
I was so surprised
Godzilla and he
Godzilla are you my mother now?
No, but I think I'll make you my wife
You feel so good to me
Godzilla ate my mother
I feel her in you

Godzilla ate my mother
Godzilla ate my mother
Godzilla ate my mother
Godzilla ate my mommy

It turns out that Godzilla only ate my mother so he could meet me
Because apparently there was some physical attraction
I can't help it I have that effect on dinosaurs
Or creatures that look like dinosaurs or something
Mutated mutants from another planet

I decided I still hate you
I'm gonna rip one of those fins off of your back and stab you in the heart

Godzilla ate my mother
Turns out he's my brother
But he likes me
And not in a good way

Godzilla was my brother
Godzilla ate my mother
Godzilla wants to get married in California
But I'm not really into incestual homosexual relationships
That only gave me more reason to stab him in the head
Now I just wonder if Godzilla is dead
His eyes are closed and he's not twitching his toes
But he's not really bleeding enough

As I reach to
Finally get rid of you
I notice a zipper
A zipper
Not to be confused with Yom Kippur
So I pulled it down and only reveal
That inside was a Navy Seal
So it turns out
The government killed my mother baby

I love Godzilla he didn't eat my mom
I love Godzilla cause he didn't eat my mother
But I killed him
Why did I kill Godzilla? He ...
The government did it not Godzilla

Godzilla is dead
So is the Navy Seal that was really inside of him controlling what he did
Apparently Jeremy Tharp doesn't pay very that much attention to my lyrics
Don't do that