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Song: Louisiana Mermaid



Gonna move to Louisiana
Cause I like living under water
Bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo

If I were a mermaid
I would drink marmalade
I don't why
That doesn't make any sense

If you were a mermaid
If I were a mermaid
Would you let me date you?
Probabably nanananotnananana

If I was in Louisiana
I would be a ninja looter
I would go and steal things from the store
If I were in Louisiana
I would be on all of the news channels
They would accuse me of stealing things from the store

Maybe you should stop on by
And grab a piece of pumpkin pie
I think that you would like it
Ooh ooh ooh
Maybe you could stop on by
And kiss me in my left eye
I think that you would like it

I farted the other day
What can I say when flames shot out of my anus
I farted the other day
What could I say I turned around there was a baby
What a cute little baby
If he wasn't covered in poopy
I like your baby
He'd probably be pretty cool
I like your baby
If he was a little more cool
He's a cute little baby
He probably wouldn't have come out in my stool
Oh ... the cute little baby

Grass is greener when your life's not like the people
Who drowned in the river

I always wanted to live in a van down by the river
And I got my wish when the heavens opened up and went gish
And dropped alot of water on Louisiana
I was in a van with a girl named Hannah
And we looked out the window
And saw it filling up with rain
And I said "hey baby, I can't complain"
Cause I've always wanted to live in a van down by the river
So stabbed her in the heart and I ate out her liver

I love liver and onions when sautéed in butter all day
Roasted to perfection
I love liver down by the river
Present that I had to give her ... oh
I love liver
I love liver
Ooh hehehe

Give me back my life you little piece of liver liver liver
Give me back my car

My car swam away
Oh what can I do what can I say
Everything's covered with water
I wanna be Aquaman
Here comes the floods again
Cause he was the greatest superhero in the world
He could talk to every fishy boy and fishy girl
Yeah I wanna be Aquaman
It's raining?
Bring some hot sauce to dinner
It's raining in my heart for you
I am the winner with the hot sauce
On my
Liver and onions too
You taste like licorice when I lick your lips
Oh that's really really weird
Baby you and me go together like liver and onions
You take like licorice when I lick your lips, I lick your lips

Here's when we get to the emotional part of the song
Everything's crazy like my heart is on fire
Don't live in Louisiana
He he he
What happened to the mermaid?