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Song: Peace Love And Harmony


Aye aye aye aye


Hammer time

If you had a slice of cheesecake
Would you put bacon on it?
Canadian bacon?
If you had a piece of pumpkin pie
Would you stab me in the eye?
Or would you share with me your best friend forever

Why can't we all just get along
And join together in a song
Why is the world filled with so much hate?
We need to love each other
Need to be sisters and brothers
And I think that I have figured out the way

The only way for us to get together
Is to knit the world one giant sweater
Cause everybody loves to be warm
Well everybody loves to be close to me
Not really I made it up

Knit me a sweater to clothe the world

Peace, love, and harmony
Cheesecake with bacon
No one's heart will be achin

I think that the world would be a better place
If you would shut your face
And you would play your guitars really long extended periods of time

If there were a solo for everyone
No one would need a Tommy-gun
There would be so much love
So listen to my solo

On the guitar
I want to join you and me
Together forever forever