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Song: The Squirrel, Fox, Chicken, And Wife Song


Well them there squirrels
They like to do a dance
They twirl around in circles
And they wear hot pants

Well them there squirrels
Well they like to sing a song
If you're really lucky
They'll let you sing along

Well there's a fox
He likes to eat my chickens
And I don't appreciate it very much

So I'm gonna get my gun
And I'm gonna get my bullets
And I'm gonna put holes in him and such

Dead fox
Dead fox
All the squirrels sing "dead fox is lying on the yard"
The dead fox
My dead fox
All my squirrels
Oh they're singing
Oh yeah yeah yeah

Well there's a lady on my porch
Sometimes I call her mother
But she is my wife even though she has some utters
They sag down to her feet
And when she steps she squirts milk out
But it's okay cause I like milk anyhow
My woman
My woman
She's outside singing with the squirrels
They're dancing
They're dancing
They like to twirl and twirl and twirl and twirl

If that fox
If that fox doesn't die today
I'm gonna set him free but
I think that fox
I think that fox is gonna die today
Because of me

Today at the funeral
For the fox
All his friends showed up
They gave him a twelve-gun salute
We stuck him in the chicken coop
To be with all the things that he had loved

But it started to stink in there
It probably wasn't a good idea
To put a dead corpse of a fox in a chicken coop

The squirrels are singing
Mourning for the fallen brother
And my wife is still
Stepping on her utters

Got milk around
Squirrels are singing rounds
Oh yeah, oh yeah it's such a beautiful day

As we say goodbye to the squirrel
I took him out of this world
Didn't want to do it
He was stealing profit
So I had to bust a cap in his head