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Song: Who Needs Love


She stole my heart like an evil witch
My left ball has an itch
I don't even want my heart back because it was stole
My life grew stale because of her, she can have it anyway
Now my heart is stale
Like a pretzel that's been left out too long

I'll never love again because my heart is gone
I'll never hurt again because love was always wrong

Why'd she have to go?
With that other man
Kangaroo come back to me
You just don't understand
Just don't understand

If love is blind then I've got contacts
I've gone and met the Devil and I signed a contract

If I was rich I'd have a million bajillion gazillion dollars
But all the money in the world couldn't even buy me a collar
All of this cryin

My life I could ?let?for?gonna?be? ever cause it was before
I lost that heart to that witch

Listen for my heartbeat
You won't hear a thing
You stole it when you ran off
And pawned your wedding ring

Who needs love after all
Who needs a heart?
Like the one of mine that was stole

Come here and get it yeah
Come here
Come here
Come here come here
Through the heart like a watch
No, I'm not coming back