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Song: Rock In A


This song is called rock in A
This song's in A
We decided we were gonna just play in A
You might think that's gay
But it's not
This is really cool
It's the smart way to use
Every little bit of the music

Rock in A
Rock in A
We're rockin eh?

When I eat the letter A strange things happen
But when I play rock in A it fixes all that action
I'm having contractions
I think I'm 'bout to have a baby
I've got cramps
Oh my God
In my pants
In my pants
I think I just took a crap

I was singing down the road one day
Someone heard me they were a record exucutive
And they said "You are the worst singer I've ever heard"
I was kinda taken aback
But I said "Hey, maybe I should just simplify"
And he quirked his eye

Can you do me a favor?
What would you like me to do?
Can you scratch my naval?

I would love to scratch your naval
I've got just the right thing it will work for such a task
All you had to do was ask

This is me scratching you in the belly button
What does it do for you my friend
Hoo hoo
Do you like the feeling of me scratching your naval
Hoo hoo
Hoo hoo
Hoo hoo
Hoo hoo
Hoo hoo

You don't know how it feels to be scratching you in the naval
It's like being stuck in a trunk
With an elephant's junk
Rock in A
And it's kinda large
Kinda in charge
Ooh we're singing in a round

Look at the little baby
Crawling on the floor
Someone just busted open his little head
When they opened the door
Poor little baby crawling on the floor
Is dead now in a pool of his own blood
Because some bumbling idiot
Opened the door and killed it
Violence is not the answer
Unless you like that sort of thing
Violence violence violence
Violins sound good when you play them together in a bluegrass band
You call them fiddles
And you speak in riddles
Hoo hoo
Do you have the time
Hoo hoo
To listen to me whine
In the key of A
That's all I have to say
Oh yeah we're singing in the key of A
A starts the alphabet
We're singing in the key of A
A starts the alphabet
Singing singing singing singing
A starts the alphabet
Singing in the key of A
A is the chord were playing with

???, Mapex, Hartke, Jacques ??? Tucker, Eurorack
RC Cola, Bud Light, Computer printer paper, Drano, Windex

What words start with A?
I said what words start with A?

Apples Ace
And your mama

ADD starts with A
Not with me
I am gay
Not really
I'm just happy
When I'm queer
But only
Because I'm weird
I don't like men
Don't like men
Don't like men
Don't like men
And now the song will end