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Song: Talent Doesn't Matter


So close

We don't know how to play
More than one note on the bass
But we don't care that much
Cause talent doesn't matter

I don't know how to hit these good
Don't play the time like I should
I don't know if it really matters

Doesn't matter what you say
We won't listen anyway
Talent is wasted on the good
And we don't matter

Trust that you will listen
And get a headache from the notes we've been missing
We like to get on people's nerves
Cause nothing else matters

We don't know the timing of the song
Or where the parts go

We're only guessing
Parts are missing
We think that this is the chorus
But it doesn't matter

(Mouth solo)

Drum solo

Do you remember that level in Mario 1?
Where the castle went forever if you did something wrong
You know which one I'm talking about?
Well anyways I can never get the pattern figured out
That sucks

This is called butchering a song