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Song: Happy Ending

Undoubtedly the best candidate for an actual song ever produced in TAP.


Last summer was the greatest summer to ever happen to me
When I met you
Tell me more
We fell in love immediately
Made out in the dumpster behind Food Lion
That's a sweet story
A sweet story
Oh it gives me goosebumps

But then you found yourself a new ... a new guy
And you thought that he was cooler than I and you were probably right
I'm not cool
I'm a fool
I'm a loser and a boozer
Yes that's right I get drunk all the time
I got a freaking problem with that
I think I'm gonna cry
You made me so sad
How could someone do that to a guy
Hurt him so bad?
Is there a happy ending for everyone?
Don't think so
So I pulled out a loaded gun
I'll have a happy ending too
Kinda scares me

I love you so much I'd slit my wrists for you
So sweet
So sweet
Bleeding all over
Sweet of you
The place
I love you so much I stabbed Jimmy Copper to death
Nobody talks to my woman oh yeah

Fu... the world
Rock and roll
Fu... the world

Don't do that me
You stabbed me in the kidney

Don't you know me
I know somebody on the transplant committee at
Lucy's General Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri
While I'm getting fixed you're gonna go to court
Go to prison, convicted by a jury
But not in Missouri cause you stabbed me in Oklahoma
Land of the free
Or something like free
Any word you choose as long as it's true
It's the truth
Something I've wanted to do to you all day
And that is kick you in the eyelash

Butterfly kisses all night long
And death in the day
Kiss me baby before I die
Come back to life and haunt your dreams
Haunt your every waking moment you little flea
Eee ... eee