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Song: Poop Etc


I've got a secret that I wanna tell you
I've never told you before
I'm wearing your shoes
They're filled with puppy poop
Puppy poop on my foot
Squishing between my toes
Like an herbal mud bath with rotten crap
Squishing in my toes

I knew a guy once
His name was Freddy
He didn't know how
To do the jetty
What is a jetty?
I do not know
I do not know

What's that got to do with poop
Nothing at all you snoop
I don't like poop
So why am I wearing your shoes?

I took a trip to Europe last year
I went to France
J'ai parlé français en France il y a deux ans

Playing the bass
And singing songs
In your face
A really hard combination
Like tobacco and a bong
In your thong
That was wrong
That was wrong
That was wrong